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 I am a Mathematician

I have:

A passion for Maths 

An understanding of Maths concepts

An Ability to spot patterns

Ability to reason and problem solve 

The ability to think independently

Maths at Alumwell Infant school


At Alumwell Infant School we use the 'White Rose' Math scheme to ignite a passion for the subject and to instil a good understanding of Mathematic concepts.  All children will aim to have the ability to reason, problem solve and be encouraged to work independently.


At Alumwell Infant School we provide our pupils with the foundations to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics in order to make good progression across EYFS and key stage 1. 


We develop a positive attitude towards mathematics by creating an exciting and stimulating environment to learn concepts, knowledge and skills. We teach mathematical vocabulary and encourage the use of skills when discussing and explaining thinking.  We apply learning through reasoning and problem solving. 


We begin learning concepts in Reception and build upon them in Year One and Two.  We provide opportunity for children to become fluent through varied and frequent practice using a range of manipulative learning through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.


Maths Enrichment through Numbers Day and parent workshops

Useful websites to support home learning 

  • Numbots - your teacher will provide you with a log in and password. 
  • White Rose website -  direct access to our Scheme. 
  • Numberblocks - Learn how much fun counting can be.