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School Values & Ethos


Alumwell Infant School is a caring, friendly and supportive school where children are encouraged to confidently give their best. We set high expectations of children and our staff are committed to meeting the needs of every child.

Our motto is “We learn, we grow, we achieve”


Our vision is to create a school where every child achieves his/her potential through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning. Ensuring all children make good or better progress in reading, writing and numeracy will be one of our core purposes. All staff will consistently and energetically use the most effective methods for teaching these basic skills. High quality training, from leading experts in literacy and numeracy teaching, will equip them to do so.

Underpinning this will be:

· outstanding day-to-day assessment and marking of children’s work

· first-rate systems for tracking, identifying and celebrating children’s progress

 · an exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum

· excellent support for the needs of each child

Classrooms will be vibrant, supportive and welcoming. They will be full of children motivated by positive, well-paced and purposeful lessons. And these lessons will be delivered by staff that are passionate about the children’s success. Every parent/carer will be able to feel proud of their child’s/children’s achievements- and will know exactly what these are. Clear guidance will be given about the best ways to support children with learning out of school. All of this will be done because the children and their education matter more than anything else. Every child will have the best possible start.